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Sound art

Documents containing or tagged with the term Sound art:

• Events
SPNM's Sound Source / Kosmos
Light Reading series 5 / David Cunningham / Martin Creed
Archetypes screening
Light Reading series 5 / Peter Cusack / Angela Impey
Light Reading series 6 / Music for Unknown Material Continuity and Playback Devices Alone
Light Reading series 8 / Neil Henderson / Evan Parker
SPNM's Sound Source / With Elliot Sharp & Christian Marclay
Yomping / Participatory performance by Lawrence Abu Hamdan
Light Reading series 8 / Lawrence Abu Hamdan / Oliver Rees
Light Reading series 9 / James Holcombe and Adam Asnan with Steven Ball
He who Says Zero | He who says One / By Nabil Ahmed
Unconscious archives #1 / Strained Sonorousness. Wanton Optics
Collectif Jeune Cinema / Festival des Cinémas Différents, Paris
Stephen Cornford & Greg Pope / Apparatus as Score
Out of nowhere: / Malatesta, Maggiore, Asnan
TRANSPARENT THINGS, LANDSCAPE DISSOLVES / Screening and Talk with Filmmaker Paul Clipson
33 33 and no.w.here present: Paul Clipson with Shinya Sugimoto & Jeremy Young / Total Fiction (2017)

• Workshops
Photographic sound
Challenging the perception of architecture through sound and image / With Lawrence Abu Hamdan & Karen Mirza
no.w.here open studio / Tate Modern 15th and 29th September 2012
Sonic Disobedience / Hacking workshop
Attack. Decay. Release. / Sound recording for artists

• Downloads
He who Says Zero | He who says One / By Nabil Ahmed

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