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• Events
Light Reading series 5 / Sarah Pucill / Helena Blaker
Light Reading series 8 / Further 3
Light Reading series 4 / Moving Frame
Light Reading series 7 / Matthew Noel-Tod / William Fowler
Cinema of Prayoga launch / Indian experimental film and video, 1913-2006
Light Reading series 8 / Neil Henderson / Evan Parker
Measures series 2 / The Cinematic Body led by Maxa Zoller
Yomping / Participatory performance by Lawrence Abu Hamdan
The Voyage of Nonsuch / Karen Mirza and Ruth Beale
Public Domain / SAW Video
BFI special event / Brad Butler
Reverberations #4 / Nicky Hamlyn (with Conor Kelly)
Measures series 3 / Objet Image led by Fatos Ustek
Light Reading series 9 / Emma Hart and Benedict Drew
Light Reading series 10 / Babette Mangolte and Fleur van Muiswinkel
Independent film in Palestine / curated by Lara Khaldi & Yazan Khalili
Measures Series 4: Ian White / 6 or more kinds of Theatre
on the set of 1979ff / Filming a discussion with the sociologist Asef Bayat on the Iranian revolution
Cite de l Immigration | The Indians / Raphael Grisey and Bouba Toure
Measures 5: Tina di Carlo / Exhibition I Exhibitionism
on the set of 1978ff / Sandra Schäfer
The Russian Woods / a Chto Delat? film
no.w.here summer school / Forcible Frames
Unconscious Archives #7 / Alex Mackenzie, Adam Bohman, Erica Scourti
Vanda Playford / Temazcal and The Four Energies in Motion
Frenkel Defects / A programme of 16mm hand made films
ANOTHER ART WORLD IS POSSIBLE / A collaborative symposium on heterotopias and finding “other spaces”
Larry Gottheim - From there to here / Two day residency at no.w.here

• Projects
Moving Frame

• Workshops
One minute films
Photography in film / & film in photography
no.w.here and Takahiko Iimura present: How To Make Time Visible In Film / (without photography)
Cinematography and the Artist's film / A practical workshop
My life as a silver halide / Pushing, Pulling & Intensifying Black & White Film
Attack. Decay. Release. / Sound recording for artists
Experimental Folklore 2: / Battel Bonfire Super 8 workshop

• Downloads
The Cinema of Prayoga / by Amrit Ganger
Reverberations #1 / Robert Fenz with Wadada Leo Smith

• Publications
Sequence / Issue 1
Sequence 3

• Lab
Rostrum Camera 16 / 35mm

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• Curated Programmes
PEEP SHOW - Has the Computer become the Contemporary Peep Box?

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Hitomi Hasegawa

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