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Hand processing

Documents containing or tagged with the term Hand processing:

• Events
Kodak technical seminar / With Tony Breakspear & Antonio Rasura
Unconscious Archives #3 / Presented by no.w.here and OtherFilm
ANOTHER ART WORLD IS POSSIBLE / A collaborative symposium on heterotopias and finding “other spaces”
I am the Daughter of Dead-fathers / Work in progress screening and discussion

• Workshops
Optical printing / Hands on Printing
Bolex 16mm camera and hand processing workshop
Ben Russell / Film / phenomenology
Super 8 shooting and colour hand processing
A practice based guide to the history of cinema / (in reverse)
MetalkinG / El Kino Up Your Ears!
Rostrum Animation Camera / we control the horizontal, the vertical, and the zig - zag
Essential Cinema workshops taking place at no.w.here: / September – December 2010
Black and white reversal processing / Standard or Super 8mm film
The Camera that Dances / Super 8 camera workshop
Expanded Cinema & Optical Sound / A workshop with Guy Sherwin and Lynn Loo
Jotta Workshop / An introduction to no.w.here
Handmade Emulsion: Creating Black and White Film Stock From Scratch / Presented by Alex MacKenzie
Cine Voices: A 16mm sound on film workshop presented by no.w.here / Led by artist James Holcombe
16mm film making: A three day workshop / shooting, printing, processing
Disrupting Time / Optical Printing two day workshop
The Camera that Dances / Super 8 workshop
A Dormant Spectre / Black and white processing by hand
We Cannot Unsee / Call for applications
Silver images, Green alchemy / 16mm film shooting and processing with green chemistry
Neutral Density / 16mm contact printing workshop
Radicants! / A collective, grass roots filmmaking project
Ecological 16mm filmmaking
Super 8 b/w filmmaking and negative hand processing / Adox Aeterna
Bolex 16mm camera and ecological hand processing / Time and Rosemary

• Lab
JK optical printer 8/16mm
16mm black and white processor

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