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Reading the light / Artist films from former students of the RCA

• Events
Exposing time / The filmic image in nature
Visionary film: circa '67
Light Reading series 6 / Further 2
Light Reading series 8 / Adam Kossoff / Ian Kiaer
Light Reading series 8 / Klaus Eisenlohr / Steven Ball
Light Reading series 4 / Moving Frame
Experimenta 2005 / Festival of experimental film, India
Experimenta 2004 / Festival of experimental film, India
Cinema of Prayoga launch / Indian experimental film and video, 1913-2006
Sculpture of the screen
Light Reading / Ron Haselden & Chris Welsby: Sea Seen Six Screen
Measures series 2 / The Cinematic Body led by Maxa Zoller
The Voyage of Nonsuch / Karen Mirza and Ruth Beale
Light Reading series 8 / Anna Lucas / Marcus Coates
SPNM's Sound Source / 'The Art of Sampling' with Carl Stone
The Sound Source / The Meaning Between Us
Light Reading series 9 / Graham Ellard & Stephen Johnstone with Mike Sperlinger
Light Reading Special Event / Larry Gottheim
Measures series 3 / Objet Image led by Fatos Ustek
Light Reading series 9 / James Holcombe and Adam Asnan with Steven Ball
Light Reading series 9 / Alex Mackenzie The Wooden Lightbox: A Secret Art of Seeing
Light Reading series 10 / Films by Sarah Pucill
Passing the Rainbow / Sandra Schäfer / Elfe Brandenburger
Independent film in Palestine / curated by Lara Khaldi & Yazan Khalili
FILM without FILM / No Soul for Sale: Tate Modern
Image | Event / Image | Mouvement: Geneva
Recessional Aesthetics / Sunday October 17th
Light Reading series 10 / Sally Golding
Frame / Curatorial platform
Joanne Richardson / Counter-documentary and making Art Politically
Measures 5: Tina di Carlo / Exhibition I Exhibitionism
Open meeting No. 2 / 29th June
Open Meeting No.3 / 2/11/11 at 7pm
Collectif Jeune Cinema / Festival des Cinémas Différents, Paris
Sequence 3 / Launch event at no.w.here
ElectroClass / by María Ruido
Unconscious Archives #5 / Sculpture/ Joel Stern/ Roger Beebe / Stephen Cornford / Simon Payne
on the set of 1978ff / Sandra Schäfer
The Russian Woods / a Chto Delat? film
Extradition / Free Talha Ahsan
Unconscious Archives #6 / Takahiko iimura / Jonathan Kemp / John Bowers / James Holcombe and Adam Asnan
Unconscious Archives #8 / Pierre Bastien (France) / Karel Doing (Netherlands) / Louise Curham (Australia) & Alison Blunt (UK)
Administration in times of melted plastic / Cuban artist collective Celia-Yunior
no.w.here summer school / Forcible Frames
Unconscious Archives #7 / Alex Mackenzie, Adam Bohman, Erica Scourti
Lioness / Meg McLagan and Daria Sommers
I Know What You Did Last Summer: / no.w.here summer school 2012 screening
Party for Freedom / Oreet Ashery’s Travelling Troupe
The Monument Group / The Working group Four Faces of Omarska
John Smith: Accident & Chance / Recent video work
Unconscious Archives Salon / (Wo)man with Mirror
George Barber / The Freestone Drone
Gee Vaucher I Penny Rimbaud I Louise Elliot / Performance & Angel
The Animated Aspect of Brechtian Cinema / Esther Leslie
Omar Kholeif | Johanna Domke and Marouan Omara / Crop + shorts
Vanda Playford / Temazcal and The Four Energies in Motion
no.w.here Summer School 2014 / The Right to Play Oneself
Mosireen / Timeframes of Resistance: Egypt - the Camera - Determination
Stephen Cornford & Greg Pope / Apparatus as Score
Emitters of Light / no.w.here Open Studio
Life Beyond Frames / summer school
Riots Reframed / Police, prison, power
Temporary post available / Curator no.w.here Summer School 2014
33 33 and no.w.here present: Paul Clipson with Shinya Sugimoto & Jeremy Young / Total Fiction (2017)

• Projects
India residency
Moving Frame
FILM without FILM / No Soul for Sale: Tate Modern
IMAGE | EVENT / Centre D’Art Contemporain, Geneva
Temporary post available / Curator no.w.here Summer School 2014

• Workshops
Print / Re:Print / Contact printing 16mm film
Optical printing / Hands on Printing
MetalkinG / El Kino Up Your Ears!
no.w.here and Takahiko Iimura present: How To Make Time Visible In Film / (without photography)
Rostrum Animation Camera / we control the horizontal, the vertical, and the zig - zag
Essential Cinema workshops taking place at no.w.here: / September – December 2010
Unravel / The longest hand painted film in Britain
Black and white reversal processing / Standard or Super 8mm film
Experimental Ethnography / Essential Cinema
Cinematography and the Artist's film / A practical workshop
Lasers, Rays and Flashlight / A found footage workshop with Roger Beebe
The Way of All Flesh Tones / Toning and tinting 16mm film
Arduino for artist filmmakers / Digital controlling Super 8 cameras
LOST LOST LOST: / The Jonas Mekas Diary Film Project
no.w.here spring sale / Come and support no.w.here!
16mm film making: A three day workshop / shooting, printing, processing
Solarise, Solarise! / A Super 8 colour reversal workshop
Sonic Disobedience / Hacking workshop
Disrupting Time / Optical Printing two day workshop
From the Hornet to the Wasp / Super 8 filmmaking workshop
A Dormant Spectre / Black and white processing by hand
Full Body Film / Theory and practice in Physical Filmmaking
Radical animation / 16mm Rostrum Camera workshop
Experimental Folklore: / Jack-in-the-Green 16mm workshop
The Egocentricity of the Rays / 16mm photogram workshop
Experimental Folklore 2: / Battel Bonfire Super 8 workshop
Observer/Observed / A video workshop with Takahiko iimura
Light / Family Day at Serpentine Gallery

• Downloads
The Cinema of Prayoga / by Amrit Ganger
Cinema Of Prayōga / by Tanya Singh
Reverberations #1 / Robert Fenz with Wadada Leo Smith

• Publications
Sequence / Issue 1

• Residencies
India residencies

• Lab
JK optical printer 8/16mm
Rostrum Camera 16 / 35mm
16mm black and white processor
16mm Bolex and Super 16mm Aaton camera Hire

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Peeping Gary

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