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Expanded Cinema

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• Events
Light Reading series 4 / Louis Benassi / William Raban
Light Reading / After Duchamp by William Raban
Light Reading series 7 / Loren Sears
Karen Mirza / Brad Butler / no.w.here
Living Film / Films, Installations & Performances
Light Reading series 4 / Opera Mundi
Sculpture of the screen
Light Reading / Ron Haselden & Chris Welsby: Sea Seen Six Screen
Multiplying mirrors
Measures series 2 / The Cinematic Body led by Maxa Zoller
Reverberations #2 / Bradley Eros
Light Reading series 9 / Brent Coughenour
Light Reading series 10 / Sally Golding
Unconscious archives #1 / Strained Sonorousness. Wanton Optics
Collectif Jeune Cinema / Festival des Cinémas Différents, Paris
Unconscious Archives #3 / Presented by no.w.here and OtherFilm
Unconscious Archives #4 / Presented by no.w.here and OtherFilm
A Lecture from behind the screen / Summer School 2012
Unconscious Archives #5 / Sculpture/ Joel Stern/ Roger Beebe / Stephen Cornford / Simon Payne
In The Woods / Artists films at the Latitude Festival
Unconscious Archives #6 / Takahiko iimura / Jonathan Kemp / John Bowers / James Holcombe and Adam Asnan
Unconscious Archives #8 / Pierre Bastien (France) / Karel Doing (Netherlands) / Louise Curham (Australia) & Alison Blunt (UK)
Unconscious Archives #7 / Alex Mackenzie, Adam Bohman, Erica Scourti
Unconscious Archives #9 / Nominoë (France) / Sami Van Ingen (Finland) / Spatial (UK)
Unconscious Archives Salon / (Wo)man with Mirror
Unconscious In the Woods / Artist's film performances at Latitude Festival
Stephen Cornford & Greg Pope / Apparatus as Score
Unconscious Archives #10 / Xavier Querel / Mad Needle / Phantom Chips / Jayson Haebich
Unconscious Archives Two Day Program / The Perfect Medium is the Wrong Message: Part 1
Symbiopsychotaxiplasm, Dir. William Greaves, 1968 presented by Cally Spooner / Summer School Public Programme Week Two
The Right to Play Oneself / Summer School Public Programme 2014
Out of nowhere / collective-iz presents: Black & Light

• Projects
A Lecture from behind the screen / Summer School 2012

• Workshops
Cinema povera & collage composition / with Bradley Eros
Alex MacKenzie: Handmade Film / Creating black and white film from scratch.
SAM / OTO - Balloon and Needle: The New Korean Avant - Garde / A three day residency at Cafe Oto, 20th - 22nd January 2011
Expanded Cinema & Optical Sound / A workshop with Guy Sherwin and Lynn Loo
Lasers, Rays and Flashlight / A found footage workshop with Roger Beebe
Handmade Emulsion: Creating Black and White Film Stock From Scratch / Presented by Alex MacKenzie
Project and Survive / A 16mm projector workshop with Greg Pope
White Light: Expanded Cinema / Artist workshop with Xavier Querel
Neutral Density / 16mm contact printing workshop

• Downloads
Elastic Film, Mercurial Cinema / Bradley Eros

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