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no.w.here uses an SD quality Tobin TCM Telecine machine for standard 16mm. This runs frame accurately at both 16 and 25fps and is an excellent flicker free accurate rendition of what is on your print or negative. It will also transfer optical sound. no.w.here can transfer standard 16mm material to Pro Res 422 .mov files.

We do not have a minimum time charge but we do have a minimum batching of 100ft and you need to provide a mac formatted hard drive with sufficient space for your transfer. We will clean your film before it passes through the machine. A web encoded example of the quality of the Telecine is available below.

PLEASE NOTE: no.w.here will not keep your telecines on our machine for any longer than 1 week after you collect it. Please ensure your file is safely stored and properly backed up.

Prices (prices are different for members and non members)
Members rates
20 per 100 ft up to 500 ft
18 per 100ft for quantities of 500 ft (15 min) to 1000 ft (30 min)
15 per 100ft for quantities over 1000ft (30 min)

Non-members rates
30 per 100 ft up to 500 ft
28 per 100ft for quantities of 500 ft (15 min) to 1000 ft (30 min)
25 per 100ft for quantities over 1000ft (30 min)

For graded or assisted telecine services with a technician - an additional 20

We cannot accommodate splicing together many fragments of footage for telecine within the usual rate. If our technicians need to spend extra time splicing your footage, this will be charged at an additional 40.

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