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16mm black and white processor

no.w.here calder black and white processor

no.w.here's black & white Calder 16mm processor ran as a service for artists and filmmakers for 10 years. Over the decade the economy of machine processing became more and more precarious, due to rising prices of film stock, and the increasing necessary investments in time and money to keep the machine in a good state. The combination of minimal fees, time consuming administration and maintenance, and heavy responsibility towards filmmakers made it impossible to keep it going.

As a conclusion, we decided to stop providing this as a ‘service’.

UPDATE 2015: A small artist run business providing a 16mm B&W processing and printing service has been set up by Bea Haut and Karel Doing. Film in Process is located at the University of East London, within the Fine Art Department’s 16mm facility. Film in Process aims to keep black and white 16mm film as an affordable medium for artists and students in London and the UK. For more information please see: filminprocess.com

"Far from being obsolete, 16mm has enjoyed a huge revival of interest within the visual arts during the last 10 years by a new generation of artists. 16mm works are frequently exhibited in museums, biennials, galleries, festivals and art fairs in the UK and throughout the world. Works on 16mm film are also an important part of many major museum collections that rely heavily on labs in order to preserve and display a medium vital to many key developments in modern and contemporary art.’" - Stuart Comer, Chief Curator of Media and Performance Art, MoMA

The last few years have been one of the most dramatic and significant years for artists working with film in the UK. The increase in stock prices from Kodak (due to the rising price of silver worldwide), Fuji ceasing motion picture film production, and the sudden disappearance of 16mm colour film processing with Deluxe / Technicolor has forced many artists to look overseas to get their 16mm work printed with an obvious increase in time, trouble, and expense as a result. Against this backdrop are the cuts being imposed by the govenment and the inevitable consequence of a drastic lack of funding available to make work.

In this context no.w.here continues to remain a space in which artists can explore and develop their practice in the film medium. It is possible to work with both colour and black and white in the lab, it is possible to hand process colour super 8 and 16mm negative and positive film, as well as contact print and hand process colour print stock. Becoming a member of no.w.here, accessing skills exchange, the equipment (contact and optical printers, rostrum camera and hand processing) opens up many ways to experiment with the film image without incurring great expense. We believe that the future of film as a medium lies with artists.

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ORWO film pull processed from nowhere london on Vimeo.


ORWO Push Processed from nowhere london on Vimeo.

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