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Neutral Density
16mm contact printing workshop

no.w.here Debrie Contact Printer and filters

16th May 2015, 11am - 6pm. £75 no.w.here members, non-members £97.50. To book please use the no.w.here shop or call +44 207 729 4494
To book please use the no.w.here shop or call +44 207 729 4494

This hands-on day course offers you the possibility of extending your 16mm filmmaking practice to print and experiment with the Debrie contact printer.

Over a day as a group you will understand the basics of how the machine runs and is operated, and explore techniques such as bi-packing, loop printing, and grading negatives by hand. The workshop is suitable for artists using 16mm who wish to extend their practice by working in a direct, tactile and material way with no.w.here’s lab equipment.

Morning: Basic explanation of the Debrie contact printer. Hands-on exercises to learn lacing film on the contact printer, selection of found-footage and / or use of your own negatives.

Afternoon: Printing and processing of a test and demonstration of processing under a red light, and hand processing in Kodak D97 developer. This will be followed by viewing the tests and prints on the Steenbeck. The workshop ends with a projection of the results.

The workshop will be taught by artist filmmaker James Holcombe. James makes short-form artist films, and works with expanded cinema in performance. Alongside the production of work, James manages the production space at no.w.here. His latest work, Tyburnia, tours the UK this summer.


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