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Silver images, Green alchemy
16mm film shooting and processing with green chemistry

Ricardo Leite still images using vitamin c and vinegar as developers


This workshop will show artists how to work with 16mm film and hand process using alternative, low toxicity film developing processes. Organic, biodegradable and easily accessible low-toxic ingredients will be used to develop black and white film shot on the workshop to offer new chemical, technical and artistic possibilities.

You will learn how to:
Shoot film using a Bolex clockwork camera
How to load a 100ft Jobo processing tank
The varied chemistry used for hand processing b/w film
The creative and aesthetic possibilities inherent in hand processing film using organic developers.

In the early days of cinema, film-makers by necessity had to be semi-expert in the mechanical, chemical and optical processes needed to bring a work into being. Their knowledge covered all stages of creation, from image capture, to development, editing, printing and projection.

Film and the cinema rapidly became an industry, and these roles split, with the camera operator responsible only for the camera, the director for directing, the editor for editing... now digital imaging has all but replaced the photochemical film industry, and commercial film labs have closed down, but we can see independent laboratories arcing back to the beginning, but this time we can write our own future..

Ricardo Leite is the workshop facilitator.
'I started to develop my Super 8 films in 1999. I used published formulas online or from film developing books, and mixed my own chemistry, controlling dilutions and percentages according to the desired result. I work mainly with black and white reversal film, both in super 8, 16mm, 35mm and stills. In the last few years I have tried to explore alternative processes, specially low-toxic chemistry. This is also the theme of my ongoing PhD thesis.'


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