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Disrupting Time
Optical Printing two day workshop

JK Optical and Debrie Contact Printers at no.w.here

Friday 10th & Saturday 11th April 2015
147 members / 210 non-members
147 members / 210 non-members
Strictly limited to 4 participants
Book online via the shop or call +44 (0)207 7294494

This two-day course will demonstrate the many ways to rework 16mm footage using no.w.heres JK optical printer.

JK Optical Printer
The optical printer combines both a Bolex H16 camera and projector, and is used for rephotographing Super 8 or 16mm footage one frame at a time. The machine allows for experimentation with the film image in many ways including reverse action, blow up, cropping, slow or fast motion and freeze frames. It us also possible to explore more advanced techniques and effects such as double exposures, lap dissolves, flicker effects, bi-packing for superimposition, mirror images, matte shots, split screens, tinting b/w film to colour with filters, wipes, and traveling mattes.

The workshop begins with the group viewing works made by and for the optical printer.

On day one you will be taken through the basic functions of the machine, and it's operational procedures. We will shoot a small test of negative Orwo UN 54 film and hand process it.

On day two, working as as a group, you will to work together to each shoot a small section of film with the machine, using different approaches to it's operation and functions, with the guidance and support of no.w.here staff.

The course covers all aspects of the printer's function and usage as well as hand processing, loading a lomo developing tank and chemical mixing. We will also look at associated workflows with machines such as the Debrie contact printer and rostrum camera.

The course is suitable for complete beginners to film, as well as artists already using Super 8 and 16mm who wish to extend their practice by working in a direct, tactile and material way with this wonderfully versatile piece of lab equipment.

Extract from Passage l'acte, Martin Arnold, (1993)

In this work made with an optical printer, Martin Arnold deconstructs a scenario of normality by destroying its original continuity. 'The message which lies deep under the surface of the family idyll, suppressed or lost, is exposed - that message is war.'

passage l'acte from itheswan on Vimeo.



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