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16mm film making: A three day workshop
shooting, printing, processing

still from no.w.here workshop and Debrie contact printer

no.w.here First Floor, 316 - 318 Bethnal Green Road, London E2 OAG. Workshop takes place on the 21st - 23rd March. There are 4 spaces available for this workshop. Costs: Members: 300, non-members 400. Membership of no.w.here costs 120 a year.
Workshop takes place on the 21st - 23rd March. There are 4 spaces available for this workshop. Costs: Members: 300, non-members 400. Membership of no.w.here costs 120 a year.

This three day workshop is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the creative potentials and practical realities of working with 16mm film from shooting, hand processing, printing, editing and projection. Participants will have a complete overview of all aspects of working with both black and white film and implications of working with colour will also be discussed in terms of workflow and cost. The workshops will demonstrate the creative possibilities opened up by working in a self directed, hands on way with no.w.here lab equipment. These workshops are suitable for complete newcomers to film as a medium, as well as more experienced practitioners.

Day one: Bolex H16mm camera
Used extensively by filmmakers such as Jonas Mekas, Stan Brakhage and Michael Snow, the Bolex 16mm camera has shaped and defined artists film for over half a century. Beginning with a contextual screening of works made with the Bolex, film maker James Holcombe will teach the camera and cover the basic features of how it is loaded and operated, lenses, focussing, and light metering followed by participants shooting a single 100ft roll of black and white film between them. Participants will spend the afternoon session learning how to load the Lomo developing tank to hand process their works, and the options of machine processing will also be discussed.

Day two: 16mm contact printing
Beginning again with a selection of works which illustrate the flexibility and creative potentials of the contact printer, participants will first analyse their 16mm work on the Steenbeck editing table, choosing short sections for printing. You will learn how to save the expense of commercial labs by making your own 16mm prints from 16mm negatives, grading, negative analysis, hand process tests in D97 chemicals, as well as the endless scope for experimentation possible using the Debrie 16mm contact printer. Works printed in this workshop will be used the following day.

Day three: JK Optical Printer
On the final day we will use footage printed on day two to demonstrate how to re-work 16mm film images, creating freeze frames from footage already captured, fast and slow motion effects, double exposures, bi-packing negatives and positives, and the use of filters with the JK optical printer.

Please note that spaces for all no.w.here courses are limited and are offered on a first come, first serve basis. Please refer to the booking terms and conditions on the workshop page.


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