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Cine Voices: A 16mm sound on film workshop presented by no.w.here
Led by artist James Holcombe

Images of Auricon camera from the Auricon User Group

16th and 17th March 2013, 100 for no.w.here members, 130 for non-members. To book please contact James on 0207 729 4494.
10:30 - 5:30 pm both days. workshop takes place on the 16th and 17th March 2013, 100 for no.w.here members, 130 for non-members. To book please contact James on 0207 729 4494.

This two-day workshop takes you though the conversion of digital into analogue sound via the an optical sound camera. The workshop is part of Flicker: Artists & Super 8, a collaboration between Smiths Row and Cambridge Super 8 Group.

On day one we will use simple digital or analogue sound capture devices such as mobile phones, ipads or flash recorders, to explore the environs of Bury St Edmonds, capturing snippets of sound for conversion into optical soundtracks via a very rare 16mm Auriicon Cine Voice camera which was used in American TV studios to generate soundtracks on 16mm motion picture film.

Participants will have an opportunity to record selections of their sounds onto a roll of 16mm film for the second day's workshop. On day two we will use these films in Bolex H16 silent cameras and attempt to capture images alongside the optical track. These films will then be processed in black and white reversal chemistry with a final screening of all works made at the end of the workshop.

The aim of the course is to explore the enduring fascination of optical sound in film, gain practical skills in operating a Bolex H16 camera, and to explore Bury St Edmunds through the dislocation of time, sound and image.

This workshop is completely suitable for any level of experience and newcomers to film as a medium, and is a rare opportunity to explore the overlaps between digital and analogue sound, 16mm film, and hand processing all in one workshop!

Introduction to the Auricon camera - how it works
Sound recording principles using digital devices
Sound recording around Bury St Edmunds
Listening to sounds, choose which to use on film
Sound recording to the Auricon camera optical sound camera - keeping an accurate record as far as is possible of where in the roll the sounds were recorded

Films are broken up in a darkroom to 100ft spools so each group has their film to work with
Bolex H16 tutorial - A simple guide on how to use the camera
Two hours filming per group
The rest of the day is processing the films reversal
Projection on 16mm with optical sound tracks

There is information here about the Auricon: http://www.owyheesound.com/auricon.html

For more information on Flicker: Artists and Super 8 please see: http://www.smithsrow.org/index.php/exhibitions/details/flicker_artists_and_super_8/



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