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no.w.here and Cherry Kino present:
DIY film emulsion!

All images: Martha Jurksaitis / Cherry Kino

Saturday 1st December 2012. Held at: no.w.here, First Floor, 316 - 318 Bethnal Green Road
London, E2 0AG. no.w.here members: £90, non-members £120
no.w.here, First Floor, 316 - 318 Bethnal Green Road
London, E2 0AG.

Participants at this Handmade Emulsion Workshop will learn how to mix black and white film emulsion from scratch, using the basic ingredients of silver nitrate, potassium bromide, water, and shop-bought gelatine used for puddings!

After mixing up our own emulsion in the dark (and not eating it…), we will then wash and grind it to remove the excess salts, heat it to the correct consistency, and layer it onto clear film stock under a red safe light. Once dry, we will do some test strips using a flat-printing method and develop our tests, before loading our fresh film stock into a Bolex and shooting our handmade film, processing it by hand, drying it, and watching it!

We will also have a colouring and tinting table so we can add vibrant colours to sections of our work if desired. The final film will be uploaded to the Cherry Kino and no.w.here Vimeo channels and made available for download, and the original film will be cut into pieces and given to all as a tangible reminder that you can make your own film from scratch!

Please note that the price for this workshop includes all materials and chemistry needed for making emulsion.

About Cherry Kino

Founded in 2008 and based in Leeds, Cherry Kino is a wondermental film organisation dedicated to the art of analogue filmmaking. This passion for film takes the form of hands-on film workshops and courses run from the Cherry Kino Film Lab, a resource equipped for Super 8 and 16mm filmmaking, and offers filmmaking workshops on a variety of film techniques including hand-made emulsion, hand-processing of colour and black and white cine film, alternative processing (using coffee to make the developer, for example), direct animation, cross-processing, solarisation, optical printing, contact printing, rayogram filmmaking, toning, hand-painting chemistry, and comprehensive Super 8 courses.

For more information on Cherry Kino please see: http://cherrykino.blogspot.co.uk/


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