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Essential Cinema workshops taking place at no.w.here:
September – December 2010

For more information or to book please call James Holcombe on 0207 729 4494

Bolex 16mm: Saturday 25th September 10:30 – 6pm, £100

Optical printing: Saturday 2nd October 10:30 – 5pm, £55
Super 8 colour shooting and hand processing: Saturday 9th October 10:30 – 6pm, £75
Bolex 16mm: Saturday 16th October 10:30 – 6pm, £100
NEW COURSE - 8mm and 16mm black and white reversal hand processing: Thursday 21st October
10:30 – 6pm, £75

Super 8 colour shooting
and hand processing: Saturday 13th 10:30 – 6pm, £75
Bolex 16mm: Saturday 20th 10:30 – 6pm, £100
Optical printing: Friday 26th 10:30 – 5pm, £55
Contact printing: Saturday 27th 10:30 – 4:30pm, £55

Super 8 colour shooting and hand processing: Saturday 4th 10:30 – 6pm, £75
Optical printing: Saturday 11th December 10:30 – 5pm, £55
Bolex 16mm: Saturday 18th December 10:30 – 6pm, £100


Workshop Details

Bolex H16
The Bolex 16mm camera has shaped and defined artist’s film for over half a century. no.w.here staff provide cameras and cover the basic features of how the Bolex is loaded and operated, lenses,focussing, and light metering followed by participants shooting a single 100ft roll of black and white film between them. Once films are processed participants analyse their work on the Steenbeck editing table. The workshop ends with a projector screening of all the
films made on the course.

Optical Printing
This course will demonstrate how to transfer super 8 to 16mm or 16mm to 16mm, create freeze frames from footage already captured, fast and slow motion effects, double exposures, bi-packing, and the use of filters with the JK optical printer.

Contact Printing
Learn how to save the expense of commercial labs by making your own 16mm prints from 16mm negatives, grade your prints, analyse your negatives, hand process tests, as well as the endless scope for experimentation possible using the Debrie 16mm contact printer.

Super 8 colour shooting and hand processing
An intensive, hands on course that takes you through the Super 8 camera, stocks, shooting film, and hand processing. Examining cameras and their features, film stock, exposure, light meters and filters, participants shoot the new Ektachrome 100d super 8 stock and learn how to hand process this film using the Lomo developing tank. The course also looks at work made by artists using Super 8, focusing on its aesthetic qualities and flexibility of shooting, and ends with a screening of the films made on the course. You may wish to use your own cameras on this course, although no.w.here does have some basic models.

NEW COURSE: 8mm and 16mm black and white reversal hand processing
Hand processing black and white can be one of the most interesting things about working with film in a direct, material way. This workshop illustrates how to hand process black and white reversal Super or Standard (Regular) 8mm film / 16mm film. The workshop covers loading a tank, the chemicals required for hand processing and how they are mixed, times and stages for processing, useful information on where to purchase chemicals, and tips and hints to achieve interesting processing effects such as pushing and pulling film. The workshop will be particularly useful to anyone who is interested in shooting the new standard 8mm stocks available in b/w as well as seasoned users of formats such as Tri X or Plus X. Attendance of this workshop or the Super 8 colour shooting and hand processing one is essential for anyone wishing to use no.w.here’s Lomo processing tanks. Please note you should bring a finished roll of either Tri X or Plus X film in either Super 8 or 16mm with you to process on the course. Due to the nature of hand processing this should not be footage which is irreplaceable.


Payment options

Booking information, payments, and refunds
Places for all workshops and events are only confirmed once payment has been received, and spaces are only available on a first come, first serve basis. To book for a course please call James on 0207 729 4494.

Please call James on 0207 729 4494 to arrange an appointment to pay cash, as we are
not always working on site.

Please send a cheque for the whole amount, made payable to no.w.here to the address
below. Please send payment to:

First Floor
316 – 318 Bethnal Green Road
E2 0AG

Bacs / Bank Transfer details are available on request

It is normal no.w.here procedure that 10 days notice is required in the case of
cancellation, and no refunds will be given 5 days before the event. A 50% refund is
available with 6 to 10 days notice.

Please call James Holcombe on 0207 729 4494 to make alternative payment arrangements.


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