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Cinema povera & collage composition
with Bradley Eros

Collage slide by Bradley Eros

no.w.here, London
19 October 2008 | 3pm-9pm | 30/40
Places: 30 concessions/no.w.here members, 40 full price
To book contact james.holcombe|at|no-w-here.org.uk or 0207 7294494

Places are limited to 15, please book early

"The Workshop will reveal a theory & practice of cinema povera by creating hybrid forms using found and discarded materials; and will emphasize methods and techniques as well as a philosophy of collage composition as they relate to found-footage film, photomontage, assemblage, appropriation and cut-ups. This will include elements of quotation, homage, critique, parody, deconstruction and detournment, with inspirations as they relate to Wallace Berman and Joseph Cornell and other collage artists of the 20th century." Bradley Eros

Simultaneously making, researching, programming, writing, and performing, Bradley Eros has been an enigmatic catalyst in the New York experimental film scene for over two decades. His oracular and multi-faceted practice challenges what can be done with and known about film through artisanal investigations of its material and apparatus.

This unique workshop, taking place over the course of an afternoon and evening, will be divided equally between contextual screenings/discussion, and practical explorations. Based on the term Arte Povera (Italian for 'Poor Art') originally coined in the 60s to define a process of open-ended experimentation using existing and found materials, Cinema Povera similarly applies these concerns to the moving image.

Using fragments of the same short found footage film as a starting point, participants will produce their own investigations through a variety of manipulations and interventions using projection and production processes. The resulting works will be screened at the end of the session, along with the original film from which they derived.

Arcane Project: 'Chinese Nightingale No.2, Bradley Eros, 2008


Reverberations #2:Bradley Eros
Reverberations #2:Bradley Eros

Found footage
Arte povera


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