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One minute films project

Colour Bars, Simon Payne

This anthology of experimental films and videos consists of work by over seventy artists that span at least three generations: from ‘founding fathers’ of experimental film such as Steve Dwoskin and Malcolm Le Grice, through to much younger artists like Sam Rebello and Malcolm Clarke. Karen Mirza and Brad Butler originally screened all of this work in October 2004 at the Kingsgate Gallery in London. The event was billed as a celebration to launch the opening of the no.w.here, which Mirza and Butler have established as a centre for artists to access 16mm filmmaking facilities. The project is a document of a particular moment in time when experimental film and video has some vitality about it. – Simon Payne

In the original invitation to contribute to their event, Mirza and Butler asked a number of artists to submit a one-minute 16mm film. The following artists contributed:

Lynn Loo, Emma Hart, Neil Henderson, Oliver Bancroft, Sam Rebello, Tim Sidell, Anne Leigniel, Audhild Dahlstrom, Andrew Kotting, Ben Rivers, Claudia Mueller Hermann, Laura Gannon, Gill Eatherley, Ian Helliwell, Kayla Parker, Inger lise Hansen, Jesper Fabricius, Stephen Connolly, Matthew Noel Todd, Rosalind Nashashibi, Sarah Pucill, Simon Payne, Stephen Dwoskin, Sarah Turner, Tanya Syed, William English, Andrea Zimmerman, Loius Benassi, Dana Munro, Claire Fowler, Guy Sherwin, Jayne Parker, Malcom Le Grice, Megan Frazer, Nick Collins, Nicky Hamlyn, Stephen Williams, Jake Astbury, Pip Chodorov, Toby Cornish, Jane Fredericks, Peter Gidal, Jackie Hatfield, Ron Haselden, Sarah Hill , Melanie Jackson, Conor Kelly, Adam Kossoff, Greg Kurcewicz, Bob Levene, Steve Littman, Liz McAlpine, Vicky Smith, Chloe Stewart, Emily Wardill, Tina Keane, Will and Maud, James Holcombe, George Clark, Chris Welsby, Victoria Hicks, Nikolaj Bendix, Skyum Larsen, Malcolm Clarke, Simon Day, David Copley, Sophie Lascelles, Tony Hill, Nina Danino, Zoe Brown, Farhad Kalantary, Laura Gannon

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