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James Holcombe


SPNM's Sound Source - Kosmos
Instructions For Films - Zoo Art Fair
Archetypes screening
Light Reading series 6 - Music for Unknown Material Continuity and Playback Devices Alone
Living Film - Films, Installations & Performances
Instructions For Films - Postcard box set
India residency
Uncanny Pleasures: All the Colour Nature Possesses - Free workshop
India residencies
One minute films project
Music for unknown material continuity and playback devices alone - Performed by Adam Asnan, Edward Kelly, J. Milo Taylor and James Holcombe
Free Cinema School - The Centre for Possible Studies
Light Reading series 9 - James Holcombe and Adam Asnan with Steven Ball
A practice based guide to the history of cinema - (in reverse)
James Holcombe & Adam Asnan - Four Thames Walks
Essential Cinema workshops taking place at no.w.here: - September – December 2010
Unconscious archives #1 - Strained Sonorousness. Wanton Optics
Sequence 2 - Launch Event
Everyone knows this is nowhere - Off the Page Festival, Whitstable
Collectif Jeune Cinema - Festival des Cinémas Différents, Paris
Unconscious Archives #4 - Presented by no.w.here and OtherFilm
A Lecture from behind the screen - Summer School 2012
On the Edgware Road - Serpentine Gallery
A Lecture from behind the screen - Summer School 2012
Unconscious Archives #5 - Sculpture/ Joel Stern/ Roger Beebe / Stephen Cornford / Simon Payne
In The Woods - Artists films at the Latitude Festival
Unconscious Archives #6 - Takahiko iimura / Jonathan Kemp / John Bowers / James Holcombe and Adam Asnan
LOST LOST LOST: - The Jonas Mekas Diary Film Project
Unconscious Archives #8 - Pierre Bastien (France) / Karel Doing (Netherlands) / Louise Curham (Australia) & Alison Blunt (UK)
Cine Voices: A 16mm sound on film workshop presented by no.w.here - Led by artist James Holcombe
16mm film making: A three day workshop - shooting, printing, processing
no.w.here summer school - Forcible Frames
Unconscious Archives #7 - Alex Mackenzie, Adam Bohman, Erica Scourti
Tyller Vyth - A 16mm film workshop in Cornwall
Everything is permitted - 16mm filmmaking with the Bolex
Unconscious Archives Salon - (Wo)man with Mirror
no.w.here Summer School 2014 - The Right to Play Oneself
Unconscious In the Woods - Artist's film performances at Latitude Festival
Emitters of Light - no.w.here Open Studio
Unconscious Archives #10 - Xavier Querel / Mad Needle / Phantom Chips / Jayson Haebich
Stitching in Time - A Cameraless Film Workshop
Temporary post available - Curator no.w.here Summer School 2014
Temporary post available - Curator no.w.here Summer School 2014
Experimental Folklore: - Jack-in-the-Green 16mm workshop
Summer School Open Day - The Right to Play Oneself
Silence in the Library - 16mm looped films at St.Ives Library, Cornwall
Experimental Folklore 2: - Battel Bonfire Super 8 workshop
The Tin Screen - no.w.here's 10th birthday at the ICA
Light - Family Day at Serpentine Gallery
We Cannot Unsee - Call for applications
Tyburnia - A new work by James Holcombe with live performance by Dead Rat Orchestra
Neutral Density - 16mm contact printing workshop
now’s the time to dance to all our futures - no.we.are 10
Radicants! - A collective, grass roots filmmaking project
ANOTHER ART WORLD IS POSSIBLE - A collaborative symposium on heterotopias and finding “other spaces”
Moving Plant Collage - Free Film workshop at OrganicLea
Queering Love, Queering Hormones - Call for applications
The Tin Screen - no.w.here 10th birthday screening + Q&A
Tinting film using plant dyes - 16mm eco film drop in
Forage and Dig - OrganicLea film drop in
Screening Exchange - Films from no.w.here
Bolex 16mm camera and ecological hand processing - Time and Rosemary
Sequence - Issue 4
LFF Experimenta: - Images without Cameras
Licked by horses: - Celebrate 51 years of Super 8 film with Hugh Metcalfe & friends
Klinker at no.w.here
Tyburnia - 2017 Tour
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