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Karen Mirza / Brad Butler / no.w.here

Lumen, Leeds
23 April 2005 | 7pm
Telephone: 0113 2469850

Karen Mirza and Brad Butler have been making films together for seven years. They are the co-founders of no.w.here, a new centre for artist film production in London. They regularly curate screenings of artists' film and video in the UK and co-programme the first ever experimental film festival in India – Experimenta. This screening will feature three of the artists recent 16mm films that – in the tradition of structural filmmaking – explore the process, material and construct of film itself; and will include their two–screen projection, 'Where a straight line meets a curve'. The programme will conclude with a selection of 60 second films made by international artists to celebrate the launch of no.w.here.


Where a straight line meets a curve
2003, Karen Mirza/Brad Butler/David Cunningham, 30 mins. 16mm, 2–screen projection, sound, colour
"A multi-layered work of expanded cinema, a film which we can sit to or walk around while forming personal mappings through the visual descriptions of a single room. Fragments in compressed time that reside in a wide field of universal enquiry made accessible, through this familiar yet unrecognisable
space" – Lous Benassi E-M Arts Naples

Inertia (provisional title)
2005, Karen Mirza /Brad Butler, 5 mins 16mm, silent, b/w
This is a work in progress, a single screen version of a three screen installation. The image of the sea filmed from under a pier. The pier's structure and framing evokes the apparatus of the early camera while the frozen sea refers to the final image of Wavelength by Michael Snow.

Bombay Heights (provisional title)
2005, Karen Mirza/Brad Butler, 8 mins, 16mm, colour
This film is composed of three seperate100ft rolls of 16mm film, the first roll was shot entirely in camera on location in Mumbai (Bombay). The second roll is a re-working of this material on the optical printer. Roll three is a combination of rolls one and rolls two. This is a work in progress about representation and re-presentation of, the space between buildings. no.w.here

60 second films
To celebrate the launch of no.w.here over 60 Uk and International artists were invited to make new work (1 minute films). This programme will also feature a selection of some of these films and videos from the new forthcoming no.w.here DVD.


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