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Light Reading series 4
Moving Frame

Risoni, Nicky Hamlyn

Kingsgate Gallery, London
30 November 2005 | 7pm
Tickets: £5 door / £4 advance
Telephone: 020 7372 3925
Email: james.holcombe |at| no-w-here.org.uk

Booking is essential for this event, as places are limited.

Moving Frame is a group of staff and research students from the departments of Communication Art & Design, Animation and Photography. Moving Frame has two components; a critical forum, and a production programme. It is focused on the changing concept of the ‘frame’ as it migrates from film through to its more abstract and even mysterious fate in video and digital media. Mainly we are looking at the frame in the context of film’s traditional ‘basic unit’ on the filmstrip, but we also explore the frame as edge or limit in projection. Most members of the group work in video and digital media, but film has a strong material presence as well as giving a background to new ideas in electronic arts.

An exhibition and conference around Moving Frame is planned for the autumn of next year. For this evening, Moving Frame will show and discuss work in progress. The event will be introduced by Al Rees, Research Tutor at the RCA, and will include some short extracts and examples of film and video by the group, followed by a discussion. We look forward to a lively conversation about the first results of our research.

Moving Frame is: Al Rees, Nicky Hamlyn, Karen Mirza, Brad Butler, Joe King, Matthias Gmachl, Simon Payne, Adam Kossoff, Michael Schwab,, Matthias Hillner, Malcom Clarke, Toby Cornish, Jo Cammack, Patrick Keiller, Ho-Won Nah, Claudia Muller-Hermann.


Light Reading series 8:Adam Kossoff / Ian Kiaer
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Light Reading

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