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Archetypes screening

Division of the Tissues, Samantha Rebello, 16mm film still

Transit Space, London
28 May 2006 | 6–10pm
Exhibition free, screening by donation
Telephone: 079 8671 2057
Nearest tube/train: Old Street / Liverpool Street

As part of "Archetypes", no.w.here has been invited to intervene into the exhibition space and host a screening of related film and video works. no.w.here is known for its Light Reading series, regular workshops at its base in Kilburn and more recently its activity at the Tate Modern. For this screening Cate Shindler and Karen Mirza have curated an evenings programme around the themes of the body, surrealist space and the unconscious.

Participating artists are: Oliver Bancroft, Jon O Connell, James Holcombe, Sam Rebello, Siobhan Tattan, Darshana Vora, Neil Henderson, Jennifer Nightingale, Suki Chan, Karen Mirza, Brad Butler, Cecilia Duhau, Federico Mirré, Sarah Pucill, William English, Valerie Josephs, Zoe Darling, Laura Bushell, Sophie Loss, Anthony Hopewell, Sally Guinness, Stuart Pampellere, Demet Taspinar. Sanna Kuittinen, Benn Northover, Natalie Brady.

Part 1:

William English, 9min, b/w, 16mm, silent

You be mother
Sarah Pucill, 4min, col, video, sound

Back Comb
Sarah Pucill, 4min, col, video, sound

Notes and messages, Part 1
Benn Northover, 5min, col, video, silent

Film Portrait
Sanna Maarit, 4min, b/w, video, sound

Division of the Tissues
Sam Rebello, 5min, b/w, sound on separate cd

Yansima col
Demet Torpinar, 4min, video, silent

Karen Mirza/Brad Butler, 9min, col, 16mm, 2 screen

Part 2:

Platforms for comprehension
Helene Martin, 5min, b/w, video, silent

Letter to Borges
Sophie Loss, 1min, col, video, sound

Word eater
Zoe Darling, 5min, b/w, 16mm silent

Sixty seconds
Valerie Josephs, 1min, col, video, sound

Jumping Out...
Stuart Pampellere, col, video, sound

Natalie Brady, 4min, col, video, sound

Baker Street
Darshana Vora, 1min, b/w, video, sound

Sally Guinness, 1min, col, video, sound

Part 3:

Attempting the north
John O Connell, 7 min, col, 16mm, silent

Harrow Substation
James Holcombe, 3min, col, 16mm, silent

Brilliant failures
Siobhan Tattan, 5min, col, video, silent

Cecilia Duhau, 1min, col, video, sound

Federico Mirré, 1min, col, video, sound

Laura Bushell, 1min, col, video, sound

Suki Chan, 12min, super 8 transferred to video, silent

About Time
Anthony Hopewell, 1min, col, video, silent

Tree 5 | Arabian sea
Oliver Bancroft, 3min, col, Super 8, silent

Neil Henderson, 9min, b/w, video, silent

Archetypes is a 64 Speaker sound installation by Cate Shindler. In the mind, everything comes together. "Archetypes" plays on the natural associations between sound and image to create a surreal walk-through experience in which the installation goer moves through their own imagery and narrative triggered by the chaotic stimuli around them. The installation will be open from Sunday 28th - Monday 29th May 2006, 12-6pm or by request.


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