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Unconscious Archives Salon
(Wo)man with Mirror

Guy Sherwin sketch from Man with Mirror (1976)

Apiary Studios
458 Hackney Rd, London E2 9EG

A re-enactment of Guy Sherwin's expanded cinema work from 1976, (Wo)man with Mirror (2009) is presented by Louise Curcham and Lucas Ihlein (Teaching and Learning Cinema, Australia).

Re-enactment or re-staging? A product of an antipodean radical film bee, the re-imagining of this seminal work is a provocative forum.

Curham & Ihlein were aware of the idea that Sherwin could not carry on performing Man with Mirror forever. Motivated to 'carry on and extend the tradition' Curham & Ihlein considered documentation an unremarkable end, and instead designed a DIY brochure for recreating a new version of Man with Mirror that was historically inquisitive, experiential and incidentally unisex and utopian.

By nature of the work, Sherwin's Man with Mirror has become a dialogue about the passage of time as much as it is about the considerations of challenging the core aspects of the medium - space, film, frame, reflection. Curham's & Ihlein's 'doubled' re-enactment articulates contemporary concerns about representation and access to learning, and provokes questions of recontextualisation and abstracted historicism.

Followed by Curham & Ihlein in discussion with Dr Patti Gaal-Holmes & Dr Kim Knowles. With special guest Guy Sherwin.

"Given that Man with Mirror involves a performer working with film footage of himself, re-enacting this piece necessarily involved shooting a new film. However, since there were two of us working on this re-enactment, we decided to each produce a new version of the work - hence the name of our re-enactment, (Wo)man with Mirror." - TLC

Teaching and Learning Cinema
Teaching and Learning Cinema are Louise Curham & Lucas Ihlein. TLC evolved from the Sydney Moving Image Coalition - a filmmakers and film lovers group with a specific focus on Super 8. Curham works in film performance, installation and experimental film. Her key interest is the experience of deteriorating and ephemeral film images. Ihlein is an artist who works with social relations and communication as the primary media of his creative practice. His work manifests as blogs, participatory performances, pedagogical projects, experimental film and video, re-enactments, gallery installations, lithographic prints and drawings.

Dr Patti Gaal-Holmes
Dr Patti Gaal-Holmes is an Artist/Filmmaker & Historian. She is Reviews Editor for Transnational Cinemas. Her forthcoming publication with Palgrave Macmillan is A History of 1970s Experimental Film: Britain's Decade of Diversity.

Dr Kim Knowles
Dr Kim Knowles lectures at Aberystwyth University in Wales in film studies, and is the curator of Black Box - the experimental section at Edinburgh International Film Festival, additionally she sits on selection panels for experimental film festivals across Europe. Knowles is author of A Cinematic Artist: The Films of Man Ray, and is writing a new book on the aesthetics and politics of analogue obsolescence.

Guy Sherwin
Guy Sherwin studied painting at Chelsea School of Art in the late 1960s. His subsequent film works often use serial forms and live elements, and engage with light and time as fundamental to cinema. Recent works include performances that use multiple projectors and optical sound, and installations made for an exhibition space. Sherwin taught printing and processing at the London Film-Makers' Co-op (now LUX) during the mid-70s. His films were included in 'Film as Film' Hayward Gallery 1979, 'Live in Your Head' Whitechapel Gallery 2000, 'Shoot Shoot Shoot' Tate Modern 2002, 'A Century of Artists' Film & Video' Tate Britain 2003/4. He recently programmed the group show Film in Space at Camden Arts Centre. He lives in London and teaches at Middlesex University and University of Wolverhampton. Sherwin's book with dvd Optical Sound Films 1971-2007 was published by LUX (2007).

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body, with support from ACME studios in London.

Unconscious Archives is programmed by Sally Golding and James Holcombe
Presented by UA & TLC. Supported by Apiary Studios.


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