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A Lecture from behind the screen
Summer School 2012

Six weeks from 25th June to 3 August 2012. Every week Monday-Thursday, 10-5.30pm,
Early bird rate - the first five bookings pay £1200

Five places are held at special member rates of £1200 are open to current and new members

(Remaining fifteen places are at £1500) UPDATE ... thanks to sponsorship from Tower Hamlets these places are now at members prices (£1310 including membership for year at no.w.here) THERE ARE ONLY 10 PLACES LEFT

no.w.here’s summer school A Lecture from Behind the Screen is a six-week programme that builds on our reputation as a vital community and site for the production, discussion and dissemination of practices engaged with the moving image, politics, technology and aesthetics. The no.w.here summer school is not interested in reproducing the structures, canons and learning models on offer in Higher Education; equally we are not an autonomous free school. Though no.w.here cannot operate outside the rampant privatisation of education we can provide a pedagogical environment that grounds itself on egalitarian, non-profit terms. A Lecture from Behind the Screen will offer participants a combination of theoretical seminars, one-on-one contact with tutors, student-led activities, field trips, guest workshops led by artists and theorists alongside an intensive programme of hands-on film and video making. These components are reliant upon and reflective of one another in a manner that allows practice to enlighten theory, collective experimentation to inform individual production.

The school runs Monday-Thursday, 10-5.30pm, with Fridays reserved for independent study and extra events. There will be 2 confirmed guests each week including, Thomas Hirschhorn, Mikhail Karikis, Uriel Orlow, Hilary Koob-Sassen, The Otolith Group, Bob Levene, Martina Mullaney, Camille Barbagallo, Frances Rifkin, Chto Delat? Sion Whellens, William Raban, Chris-X.

Curriculum outline: no.w.here summer school
The group learning sessions take place Monday to Wednesday, with Thursday reserved for independent lab work and Friday reserved for independent study as well as additional events and field trips. Each day is split into a three hour morning session (10am-1pm) and a three and a half hour afternoon session (2-5.30pm). Participants have free, independent access on Thursdays to 10 Macs with Final Cut Pro 7, Final Cut Pro X, Motion S, After Effects CS5. This free access programme, called Jelly, is booked on a first-come first-served basis and is generously provided by [ s p a c e ] studios. These sessions
are independent and should be used to build on the skills gained in the digital workshops on Wednesday.

The week kicks off with a theory seminar led by Maxa Zoller on Monday mornings. The first two seminars will look at the recent turn to a phenomenological engagement with film. Involving the visitor’s physical body contemporary film and video art encourages a new form of thinking ‘in time’ (Deleuze) and ‘through the body’ (Sobchak) .....

.... For further and full details of the programme and timetable please view pdf download


How to apply

The no.w.here summer school is now open for applications, which will be received on a first-come first-served basis. This course is open to 25 participants and we expect to fill the places quickly; if you are keen to join us please book promptly in order to avoid disappointment.


• Early bird rate - the first five bookings pay £1200 for the full six weeks

• Five places are held at special member rates of £1200 are open to current and new members

• Fifteen places at £1500 for the full six weeks. UPDATE ... thanks to sponsorship from Tower Hamlets these places are now at members prices (£1310 including membership for year at no.w.here) THERE ARE ONLY 10 PLACES LEFT

Financial Assistance
Can I pay through installments?
Yes, We know that for many people signing up to the summer school is a financial commitment. We are therefore happy to take payments in three planned instalments. In order to secure your place, we will need a £400 deposit at the time of booking. Following that payment, we will need a second instalment by 25th May and then a final payment of by 25th June. The instalment payments will be either for two lots of £550 or £400, dependent on whether you get an early bird place. Payments will need to be arranged as a standing order.

To book please call no.w.here on 0207 729 4494 or email james.holcombe|at|no-w-here.org.uk Payment can be made by card over the phone.

Open Day

If you would like to meet some of the summer school cast, including Maxa Zoller the course protagonist, we are holding an open morning on the 12th May between 10am-12pm. Please come by at this time in order to find out more about the course structure, visit the lab where film workshops will take place and meet the no.w.here crew.

no.w.here is looking for two volunteers to assist with our six week summer school, A Lecture from Behind the Screen. If you would like to be considered for either of the opportunities please respond download the following pdf

Frequently Asked Questions

• Where is my money going?
no.w.here is a not for profit organisation and the money generated from the fees for the summer school go directly back into the running costs for the school (staffing, guest workshops, lab materials, studio space, film hire & screening costs). This summer school is priced so that it is self sufficient and can run without being dependent on corporate or commercial sponsorship. The fees go directly back into the teaching and facilitation and not into administration or other projects.

• What can I expect?
You can expect a program of hands on skills (practice) combined with critical thinking (theory) and different strategies of learning.

• How often can I access the lab?
Alongside a teaching session in the lab on Wednesdays (see timetable for details), the lab is open to summer school participants on Thursdays. Access to the lab on Thursday needs to be booked in advance individually or as groups; everybody will have a chance to do this during the six week school.

• Am I a no.w.here member once I have joined the school?
If you sign up and buy membership at the same time, there are five discounted membership places at £1200.

• Is this only for film makers?
The course is open to all; participants without prior experience in film making will gain new skills in the lab, whilst those who have experience can build on both their practical and theoretical knowledge. But the course itself is designed for those wishing to deeply work on contemporary moving image practice and the interface of film and video with art, documentary, politics and other disciplines through theory and practice.

• Who is teaching on the course?

Dr Maxa Zoller: Course Director
Dr Maxa Zoller teaches moving image art and critical theory at Sotheby’s Institute of Art and Goldsmiths College. Maxa completed her Ph.D. thesis Places of Projection: Re-Contextualising the European Experimental Film Canon at Birkbeck College, London in 2007. A lecturer and curator Maxa has a keen interest in marginal and interdisciplinary film practices, which focus around issues of the body, expanded cinema, the practice of female filmmakers, and experimental film from former Socialist countries.
In her capacity as a film curator Maxa has presented experimental film screenings in a number of museums and galleries including Open Systems: Film: Structural Film in Europe 1967-1974 and Generation Berlin Wall: Films from West Berlin and East Germany in the 1980s at Tate Modern, Super 80 Ost: Punk, Performance&Politics behind the Iron Curtain and Phoney Languages at no.w.here, and other institutions such as FACT Liverpool, Tramway Glasgow, Berlin Kunstverein, Rekord Gallery Oslo. 

Pedagogy has always played a key role in Maxa’s professional life; workshops are a particularly effective way to develop new creative teaching and learning methodologies. Maxa’s open workshops The Cinematic Body, which look at the relationship between technology, the body and ideology, first took place at no.w.here from where they ‘toured’ internationally to FACT Liverpool, the Academy of Arts in Oslo, Vienna and Munich and in 2011 to the Free Cinema School in Cairo. In collaboration with no.w.here Maxa organised IMAGE | EVENT, a three-day workshop for Image Movement at the Centre for Contemporary Art in Geneva in December 2010. Maxa is a regular contributor to Art Monthly Magazine. She also writes for exhibition catalogues. Her academic research is published in a number of journals and anthologies.

James Holcombe: Workshop Leader
James Holcombe is a film maker and Head of Lab and Education at no.w.here. James’s work is a collision of working processes which explore performative collaboration, expanded cinema, chance and improvisation, and self-imposed structures within the capture and re-working of sound and image.

Karen Mirza and Brad Butler:
Karen Mirza and Brad Butler are the co-directors of no.w.here. Karen and Brad have worked together since 1998, and in 2004 formed no.w.here, an artist-run organisation. Their practice is centred upon collaboration, dialogue and the social; early works emerged from their interest in seminal avant-garde film and since 2007 they have pursued a strain of practice entitled The Museum of Non Participation, a collection of gestures, speech acts and audio-visual works which has thus far been presented in Egypt, Pakistan, Germany and the UK.

Larne Abse Gogarty: Summer School Coordinator
Larne Abse Gogarty is a writer/researcher and the no.w.here Summer School coordinator. Larne is currently undertaking doctoral research at UCL in the History of Art department on community art and collective practice in the USA. She is a regular contributor to Art Monthly, involved in organising the Marxism in Culture seminar at the Institute of Historical Research and also a member of the steering committee for the Centre for the Study of Contemporary Art at UCL.

As well as working with Maxa Zoller and hands on in the lab at no.w.here, A Lecture from Behind the screen includes the following guest Artists and their proposed interventions

Thomas Hirschhorn: Videoball
"Videoball" is intended as a ‘Short Practical Course’. "Videoball" as a snowball, something small taken out from a huge surrounding, or a souvenir from an event or from an encounter. Taken and formed by one’s own hands. Something to throw like a snowball.

Mikhail Karikis; Art, obstacle and performance:
What are obstacles and how are they negotiated? With a focus on performance practice and politics, this session will explore the relationship between notions of ‘obstacles’ and how performance can conceptualise and abstract them, negotiate or invent ways to overcome them. Following a presentation in which Mikhail Karikis will present recent projects he presented at the 54th Venice Biennale, Manifesta 9 and the Wapping Project in London, he will lead a workshop in which you are all invited to participate.

Uriel Orlow:
The invention of cinema at the end of the 19th century could be seen as coinciding with a shift from an exploration of space (e.g. colonialism) to an exploration the time and the self (e.g. psychoanalysis). Over the last decades space has again become an important aspect in thinking the world. Moving images have always represented time and space, but how has the renewed focus on space, which is referred to as the spatial turn, affected moving image production? What strategies are being used in moving image works to represent space as a way to engage with history and politics at large? And can we conceive of the moving image as a methodology that spatializes time, rather than a medium that represents space in a temporal form?

Siôn Whellens (Calverts, Principle Six) Talk and field trip to Calverts
Siôn Whellens (Calverts, Principle Six) proposes a talk and seminar on Practical Strategies for Workers’ Autonomy in Creative Industries, including a site visit to Calverts. Using examples of Calverts design Siôn will elaborate on the relationship between autonomy, self-organisation and aesthetics.

Hilary Koob-Sassen: What shall we make?
Hilary Koob-Sassen will pose the question "what shall we make?" in the context of a European and global crisis. After a screening his new feature film Transcalar Investment Vehicles, participants will engage the question in terms of biological, economic and political ideas and also in terms of sculpture and 3-d modeling as a medium capable of presenting 4-dimensional process such as the evolution of the living and the elaboration of the built. The discussion will be directed towards another question "what is an economy?" and "how do we make an economy?"

The Otolith Group
Session content tbc

Martina Mullaney
"For her workshop at the no.w.here summer school A Lecture Behind the Screen Martina will perform SCUM Manifesto, Valarie Solanas' radical feminist text from 1967. SCUM will be performed with the participation of the summer school members in a public setting recorded as an audio piece for possible broadcast. Participants are encouraged to bring their children."

Camille Barbagallo: Sex as Work: What does it [re]produce?
Camille’s session will focus on the politics of reproduction by thinking through and across gender, work and race. Camille will discuss debates about prostitution and trafficking and trace some of the connections between these debates and the silence about reproductive labour in currently existing feminisms. Departing from key feminist texts from the 1970's, the workshop will explore the relationship between waged work/production and social reproduction. Focusing on sex as work and as reproduction, we will investigate the question: what does sex produce? And ask ourselves what challenges exist in bringing the politics of trafficking and sex work into the discussion about reproduction and labour?

Frances Rifkin; Forum Theatre Workshop
Frances Rifkin will introduce the summer school participants to the revolutionary pedagogy of theatre forum and theatre of the oppressed, which is based on the Brazilian theatre method of Augusto Boal and Paulo Freire. This session will consist of different theatre forum exercises in which participants will physically enact and embody – rather than just speak about – the politics of oppression.

Chto Delat?
session content tbc

William Raban: The analogue/digital conundrum
Since 1970, William Raban has made all his films on either 16mm or 35mm film. Last year, he made his first digital production The Houseless Shadow commissioned for the Museum of London. William will show clips from his films to articulate the relative benefits of film and digital media. The workshop combines practice and theory, looking at key technical issues such as gamma, codecs, exposure and resolution. At the end of this workshop, you will be able to make a more informed choice of production route for your next project.

Chris-X: Field Trip to The Elephant and Castle visiting the radical community space 56a Infoshop and also a trip around the Heygate Estate.
56a Infoshop is a long established radical social centre in The Elephant that has survived for over 20 years 100% unfunded and entirely volunteer run. Within the space is an open-access archive that now contains approx 70,000 items. We will spend some time within the Centre itself before delving into the 56a Archive looking at what the combined project of archiving and local organising might mean and also in relation to the contested terrain of art and politics and the point of irritation where they meet

Bob Levene: Workshop: Real Time Screen Space
Hear Bob talk about her latest projects and take part in a group experiment exploring ideas around presence, live, recorded and the cinematic.
Bob Levene is an artist based in Sheffield. Her work adopts pseudo-scientific strategies and anthropological methods of recording to analyse the 'nature' of things, exploring the scientific and artistic approaches to making sense of the world. Bob has performed and screened work at ICA (London), Arnolfini (Bristol) and BBC Radio 3 Cut & Splice Festival (London) and exhibited at Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art (Helsinki), Cornerhouse (Manchester), AV Festival / NGCA (Sunderland) and FA Projects (London). She's currently showing a commissioned collaborative work with Anne-Marie Culhane at The National Media Museum, Bradford. She has received an Arts Council Fellowship in Colima, Mexico, been artist in residence at Yorkshire Sculpture Park and was nominated for the Northern Art Prize in 2009.

Brad Butler and Karen Mirza: Images I wish I had filmed but couldn't
Taking the form of a tribunal on 'Authority and Film' followed by reflection on images that might have been but weren't, this session sits between two avant-gardes.

• Do you provide accommodation?
Unfortunately we simply do not have the resources available to provide accommodation.

• Can I take the course in modules?
The course is not available in a modular format; participants are asked to attend the whole programme

• Is this course accredited?
The Summer School is not accredited.

• Can you help me with my visa?
Unfortunately we do not have the capacity to support visa applications.

• Can I pay through installments?
Yes, We know that for many people signing up to the summer school is a financial commitment. We are therefore happy to take payments in three planned instalments. In order to secure your place, we will need a £400 deposit at the time of booking. Following that payment, we will need a second instalment by 25th May and then a final payment of by 25th June. The instalment payments will be either for two lots of £550 or £400, dependent on whether you get an early bird place. Payments will need to be arranged as a standing order. UPDATE ... thanks to sponsorship from Tower Hamlets these places are now at members prices (£1310 including membership for year at no.w.here) THERE ARE ONLY 10 PLACES LEFT

Cancellations policy

In the event of no.w.here having to cancel or postpone a course you are entitled to a full refund. In the event that you cannot attend the summer school having booked a place, a 100% refund is available up until 10th may, 50% refund is available if you cancel by the 25th May. Absolutely no refunds can be made after this date.


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