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Everyone knows this is nowhere
Off the Page Festival, Whitstable

Neil Henderson / Polly Read, Circles and Hugh Metcalfe in performance 2011

Held at The Playhouse Theatre, Whitstable, Friday 24th February. To book please see: http://www.soundandmusic.org/projects/off-the-page
3 day festival pass (limited number, advance sales only): £40 + booking fee

Friday pass: £12 + booking fee

Saturday pass: £20 + booking fee

Sunday pass: £15 + booking fee

Off The Page is the UK's only literary festival devoted to music criticism and audio culture.

Taking place in the seaside town of Whitstable in Kent, this unique weekend-long event looks to expand the discourse surrounding contemporary sound and music by bringing together leading critics, authors, musicians and artists in a programme of talks, presentations and panel discussions.

On Friday 24th February no.w.here presents 'Everyone knows this is no.w.here', an hour long programme of films selected by James Holcombe from no.w.here. This programme features historical and contemporary artists working across sound, music, and the moving image, and pivots on a screening of 'Turd Class', a portrait of Hugh Metcalfe by Mark Willetts. Hugh Metcalfe is a musician and filmmaker, and is best known as the promoter of The Klinker in London, which he has run in various venues since at least 1982 and which celebrates it's 30th year in 2012.

The programme includes:

Harry Smith: Early Abstractions, USA, 1939 - 1956 22 minutes 16mm colour film, optical sound.

Early Abstractions is a collection of seven short animated films created by Harry Everett Smith between 1939 and 1956. Each film is between two and six minutes long, and is named according to the chronological order in which it was made. The collection includes Numbers 1–5, 7, and 10. The films show a gradual evolution in Smith’s technical complexity, with blunt abstraction, rudimentary motion more prominent in the early shorts, in contrast to an allegoric dance of Tarot cards, and Buddhist and Cabalistic symbols.

Christopher MacLaine: Scotch Hop, USA, 1959, 6 minutes. 16mm colour, optical sound.

'In acknowledgement of his Scottish heritage, Maclaine photographed this cine-poem to document an authentic highland gathering in the town of Petaluma, California. The pastimes include speed walking, tossing the caber, traditional dances, bagpipe and drum troops. Using unlikely camera angles and tight, rhythmic cutting, Maclaine performs an impromptu dance with the camera, cut to the tuneful droning of the pipes and drums. You can take the Maclaines out of Scotland, but you can't take Scotland from the Maclaines.' - Mark Webber

Pat O’Neill: 7362 USA, 1965-1967, 6 minutes, Colour, optical sound, 16mm. Sound: Joseph Byrd and Michael Moore

A bilaterally symmetrical (west to east) fusion of human, biomorphic and mechanical shapes in motion. Has to do with the spontaneous generation of electrical energy. A fairly rare (ten years ago) demonstration of the Sabattier effect in motion. Numbered after the film stock of the same name.

Neil Henderson in collaboration with Polly Read, Circles, UK 2008, 16 mm film, 6 minutes, optical sound.

This film is a collaboration between filmmaker Neil Henderson and visual artist Polly Read. The film documents drawings the audience made during a performance given by the musician and improviser Evan Parker. Polly Read gave each member of the audience a small booklet and pencil; on each page (8 pages per book) a circle has been drawn. The audience were asked to respond to the music over the course of the performance by drawing in the book. The idea behind the film is to animate these images bringing them back into conflict with one of the musical pieces performed on the night. The results are a mixture of abstract marks, impressionistic portraits, and observations about other audience members. To what extent can/ do these drawings reflect the music played during the evening?

Turd Class: Hugh Metcalfe Live at VNM Mark Willetts UK 2011 10 mins, digital video.

Shot in Graz, Austria over the V:NM festival weekend – This is a mix of performance, super 8mm film shot round town, and poems delivered from hotel beds.

Samantha Rebello and Angharad Davies - The Surface of Residual Matter UK 2005. 16mm film, 13 minutes, optical sound: Angharad Davies

A film about touch. Tactile sensation through the eyes and ears. It could be said that the film explores the relationship between sound and image, though in this case they are less sounds and images than they are surfaces and textures across which the eye and ear can graze. What you see and hear are an 'amplification' of the surfaces of 'dead' things: horse-hair, cat-gut, shells and bones.

For more information inlcuding times and how to book please see: http://www.soundandmusic.org/projects/off-the-page



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