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Cite de l Immigration | The Indians
Raphael Grisey and Bouba Toure

FREE 11th May 2011 at no.w.here 7 - 9pm

Moderation Nicole Wolf, translation Maxa Zoller

Bouba Toure will present a slide show of early Sans Papiers occupations in France and recent video footage shot during the occupation of the Cite de l Immigration and talk about his own experience of the history of the Sans-papiers mouvement and the politics of migration in France.

Raphael Grisey will present his recent video The Indians (video 31 min 2011). Right after the general strike in Martinique and at the begining of the economic crisis in the context of the students strike and occupation of the French university Rennes 2 in the Winter 2009, a jam pot, a thermal station, a Caribbean drum band, a university and the poet and philosopher Edouard Glissant converge and converse together. The translation of experience and reproduction of struggles in the film implicate displacements wandering into different sites of knowledge.

Raphael Grisey and Bouba Toure will discuss analogies and differences between their works and the two modes of occupation presented, including the necessity of their convergence in the French actual political context.


Raphael Grisey (Paris/Berlin)
Raphael Grisey gathers and produces narratives on collective memories, migration and architecture for experimental and essayistic single-channel works and video installations presented at many international video and film festivals and museums.

Bouba Toure (Paris / Somankidi Coura, Mali)
After moving to France from Mali in 1963 and working for few years in car factories, Bouba Toure studied photography at the free university of St Denis in 1968 and worked as a projectionist for 35 years in the art house cinema l,entrepot in Paris. In 1976, he founded with a group of 14 West African migrant workers and activists the agricultural cooperative of Somankidi Coura in Mali. His photographic, video and archive works are related to the cooperative and to the daily life and struggles of West African migrants in France.

Bouba Toure and Raphael Grisey are collaborating on films, exhibitions, discussions and publications since 2007 around the experience, memories and heritage of the agricultural Cooperative Somankidi Coura in Mali and the working archive of Bouba Toure.


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