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Participatory performance by Lawrence Abu Hamdan

Footwear by adpted by Lawrence Abu Hamdan

no.w.here, London
20 September 2008 | 12–4pm

Contact: james.holcombe|at|no-w-here.org.uk

Yomping is a participatory Performance event that uses the ephemeral and intangible nature of sound to re-imagine our architectural surroundings and daily spatial practices. In his most recent project made with Artangel this took the form of choreographed marches in which participants navigated a pre-planned passage through urban districts wearing particular footwear adapted by the artist for exaggerated sonic effect.

For this new performance Abu Hamdan proposes to take the template of this project (the parameters and decision making processes) and place it on the context of Bethnal Green, no.w.here and its surroundings. This would involve a discussion that asks the participants to re-approach the area with their ears, to consider building’s spaces and surrounding streets that have
interesting sounds and signature acoustic properties and also to discuss the most musical and perfomative way of navigating them and incorporating them into a march. Lawrence will provide a series of cartographic documents including sound recordings, photography, historical writings and diagrams which will supply an alternative mapping of the locality from this the participants will be asked to build the routes which they will then themselves perform.

The artist will also lead a cobbling workshop in which the participants are asked to bring along old shoes to be adapted. Abu Hamdan will direct his cobbling skills learnt during a mini residency at shoe makers Anthony Andrews’s special footwear and Orthotics into the exploration of sound, showing the participants how to adapt their shoes for magnified sonic effect, adorning them with hollow stiletto heels, wooden platforms, taps, hobnails and quarter iron tips in preparation for the performance.

“For the performers of my work the conventional act of walking is transformed into a regimented, fast-paced exercise that is not just concerned with the movement from A to B but also with the creation of sounds pushed through a series of environments and the response to the incidental sounds that inadvertently spill into its path. I want to exemplify the aural capacity to delineate space, treating architecture like dormant music, awakening it through the act of walking. The marchers advance through the built environment performing a work that not only disrupts the conventional sound-scape but also disrupts conventional ideas of social space”.


Challenging the perception of architecture through sound and image:With Lawrence Abu Hamdan & Karen Mirza

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