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Reading the light
Artist films from former students of the RCA

Royal College of Art
24 April 2003
Presented as part of Lux Open 2003

Many artists associated with the LUX over the years, were [at one time] students of the RCA: John Smith, Peter Gidal, Cate Elwes, Judith Goddard, Steve Farrer, Clive Myer, Philip Mulloy, Cerith Wyn Evans, Sophie Muller, Joanna Millett, Michael Maziere, Lis Rhodes, Lucy Panteli, Simon Pummell, Chris Newby, Mike Dunford, David Larcher, Rob Gawthrop, Karen Mirza, Dominique Vezina, Eric Gaspar & Marie Bertholle, Brad Butler, Simon Payne and Joe King.

This programme is a selection of work representing some of these artists.

Michael Maziere, silent, colour, 3min, 1983
Skylight is a short example of concerns with landscape, colour, movement, abstraction and construction. the film does not attempt to reflect or represent the landscape it uses but rather to produce a tension between the open space and the reflected film frame.

Lens Tissue
Mike Dunford, silent, colour, 5min 1973
Continuing with the project to analyse aspects of the mechanics of cinema, the film begins with the lens structure and the properties of sharpness, and in a ironic scenario explains the necessity of the lens tissue.

Dresdon Dynamo
Lis Rhodes, sound, colour, 5min, 1974
"This film is a result of experiments with the application of Letraset and Letratone onto clear film. It is essentially about how graphic images create their own sound by extending into that area of film which is 'read' by optical sound equipment. The final print has been achieved through three separate, consecutive printings from the original material, on a contact printer. Colour was added with filters, on the final run." - Tim Bruce

Celestial Navigation
John Smith, sound mag stripe, colour, 10min, 1980
"Celestial navigation could be seen to work in the tradition of British landscape film in that it incorporates a 'natural' element 9the earths rotation) into the structure of the film. Filmed in the course of one day on a beach the film uses pan and tilt movements to follow the shadow of a spade and retain its vertical position in the frame' - MM, Undercut 10/11

Peter Gidal silent, b/w, 5min, 1973

The Miller & the Sweep
Joanna Millet & Rob Gawthrop, silent, b/w, 5min, 1984
Dust, grain, flour, Negative/positive, film 'history' re/presentation, figure antics and play (After George Albert Smith)

10 drawings
Steve Farrer, sound, b/w, 20min, 1976
This is a collection of 10 short films. For each film, 50 x 18' strips of clear film were laid side by side to make a rectangle 18 x 36'. a geometric shape was drawn on each rectangle, and the strips of celluloid were joined to make a film. The sound is created by the image carried over into the optical sound track.

Eric Gaspar & Marie Bertholle, video, sound, colour, 8min, 1999

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